This is a fresh frame on restoration. This truck is loaded with brand new parts. Its powered by a 305 ci SB from an 87 El Camino. It was fitted with electric choke non-computer Q-Jet and old style points distributor completely rebuilt with new vacuum advance points, rotor, cap and wires. Because of 1-piece rear main flywheel wouldnโ€™tย  fit so new flywheel, clutch disc, plate and throughout bearings are all brand new. Also fitted with Chevy Ram horn exhaust and new system with turbo mufflers and stainless tip tail pipes. Every piece of the bed is brand new! Bed front, bed sides, running boards, fenders, tail gate, oak wood, stainless steel strips and all new cross sills as well as rear bumper and brackets and tail lamp assemblies. Cab was refinished, and everything painted with matte finish. All glass is brand new!

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Originally listed on December 5, 2018. Older listings are displayed for reference and probably will not be available.

Location: Eugene, Oregon, United States