It is all original with a very few exceptions.  The motor as mentioned.  It was converted to 12v.  A custom oak box was built and placed in the bed to hold the battery.  Every bit of rubber was replaced.  The wood bed was replaced.  All the parts he replaced came from Chevy Duty/Classic Auto Parts in MO.  It has the push button starter on the floorboard next to the gas pedal.  Three-on-the-tree (three speed on the steering column). All lights work as should.  Blinkers, I believe, were an option back then, it has them.  New glove box and ash tray is perfect.  Cigarette lighter does not work, I disconnect it.  One leaf spring was taken out of each wheel to lower it a tad.  The springs are in the oak box if you want to raise it back up.  All gauges are original and work with the note that the speedometer is not alway correct.

Location: Colleyville, Texas, United States

Price: Auction <- check here if it's still available

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