selling a experimental humvee that’s in new condition. Its an extreme 4×4 built for the war in afghanistan and iraq its all custom built from the ground up. The frame is all steel pipe baja racing frame made in califonia, Currie axles with 4.56 gearing and air lockers front and back. It has 4 link suspension front and back with race runner air shocks and air bump stops, holley electric fuel pump, aluminum fuel cell, Drive train is from an 06 2.8L CRD turbo diesel 24mpg jeep liberty with automatic trans and 242 transfer case that has 2wd,part time 4wd,full time 4wd and low gear 4wd, Hydraulic steering,  Racepack UDX display dash, Quick release steering wheel, A/C front and back,Horn, headlights, Blinkers, Brake lights, Windshield wipers, Willow disc brakes front and back, Hutchinson bead lock rims with 315/75r16 bf goodrich m/t tires, It was hooked up with the Auragen 5000 watt alternator powering system but I removed it to put in a regular alternator but it comes with the humvee if you ever want to hook it back up again also comes with a spare hutchinson bead lock rim and tire. Everything on vehicle is almost like new and built very heavy duty.

Location: Kailua, Hawaii, United States

See listing: 07 Humvee Experimental 4×4 (from March 1, 2016)