1968 Chevrolet C-10 custom. This is my shop truck and advertisement for my construction company

It was built to drive. It is not a show truck. If you want something to polish and look at then find another truck because it has some paint imperfections. That being said it runs and drives amazing. If you are looking for C10 you can truly enjoy, this is it. I drive it 2-3 times a week when I do not need my diesel work truck. This truck is built to be used and enjoy. It has everything you need to use it daily like Bluetooth radio, cup holders, air conditioning, and heat. I use it haul light materials occasionally. It has a composite wood deck board bed to protect it from getting damaged so you can use the bed without fear of messing something up.

I purchased the truck in November 2021. It had just been LS swapped, painted, rims installed, and interior was mostly done. It had about 200 miles on since the complete overhaul. It was about 90% completed and needed some finishing touches. I have since done all the necessary things it needed to make it 100% and then some. I added rear disc brakes because it already had front disc. At that time a Willwood master cylinder was added with a hydro boost system. The 12-bolt rear end was upgraded to limited slip with a Eaton trutrac. The rear end gear is 3.73. I then replaced the stamped steel trailing arms with tubular ones from CPP. The truck is lowered on all four corners with lowering springs from CPP as well with fully adjustable shocks from QA1. The rims are Coys C-5 Chrome 18โ€™s in the front and 20โ€™s in the rear wrapped with Firestone Fire hawks 225/44R18 fronts and the rears are Mikey Thompson Street Comp 275/40R20. I also replaced all the body mounts because they were pretty rough. The truck has had many other parts replaced and upgraded as well like the alternator and power steering pump just to name a few.

After owning the truck for about a year I installed a brand new LSA supercharger kit in October 2022. The stock LSA intercooler brick was sent off and reinforced to prevent the common failure. Along with the supercharger came many other parts to make it work. The fuel system was upgraded with all AN lines and fittings along with a Walbro 450 lph fuel pump and a Aeromotive fuel pressure regulator with 80 lb injectors. The crank pulley has been pinned so it does not spin on the crank with the added supercharger. The supercharger has its own cooling system separate from the engine with a pump and intercooler. Promptly after the addition of the supercharger the stock 4L60 transmission broke from all the additional horsepower. I then called up Gear Star Transmissions (the best in the business in my opinion) and had them build me a custom 4L65 to my exact needs rated at 600-wheel horsepower and 600 ft lbs. with upgraded internals for supercharged applications, with a 3-year warranty. The transmission also came with a custom-built Yank torque converter for this exact application. An upgraded transmission cooler was added at that time as well. The truck is tuned with a stock ECU, AEM Wideband 02 sensor, and hp tuners. There is also a mount in the cab for a tablet to do data logging and tuning.

The current mileage is 7,352 so I have put about 7,000 miles on it since I have owned it. I have never taken the truck to the track or had it on the dyno but I would put it at around 550 hp to the wheels. I keep it tame and only run about 7 lbs. of boost because the bottom end is stock but more than capable of handling that much boost.

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Location: Saint Augustine, Florida, United States