The engine bay could win awards all on its own. The smooth and painted fender walls and firewall remind you again of the planning that went into this pickup. Plus, with the air topper, master cylinder, water pump, alternator, power steering pump, valve covers, and much more shining so brightly, we dare you to find another component that could be polished. But the key to this V8 is its substance. It’s a 327 cubic-inch unit, which is a nice nod to this generation’s largest displacement, but its performance is far from stock. This motor has been enhanced and fortified with components like aluminum heads, custom-built CNC machined polished stainless valves, 350 steel crank, Lunati Voodoo solid roller cam, and plenty more to make it both sturdy and powerful. Best of all, you have complete control over this V8 and its glasspack-fed roar thanks to a four-speed manual transmission. While that’s great for on the streets, this custom 4×4 has true go-anywhere potential. That’s thanks to the two-speed transfer case, upgraded shocks, and deep channels in the Mickey Thompson Baja Claw tires.

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Location: La Vergne, Tennessee, United States

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