DRIVETRAIN Built 460 Ford Big Block, , connected to a Custom TRW built C6 transmission with a Gear-Vendors Under / Overdrive unit, the driveshaft was shortened, upgraded to 1350 U-joints, and then balanced. This sends the twist to a rebuilt Spicer 60 with 3:73’s and Fords traction-lock unit. .  FRAME AND SUSPENSION Front and rear suspension was rebuilt and connected to a refinished stock frame.  Springs replaced with lowering springs front and rear, retaining the F250’s weight capacity.  Heavy duty Gabriel “E'” shocks all around. They control the motion of the custom American Racing wheels, with 8″ x 16.5 fronts and 11″ x 16.5 rears, these are shod with 8:00 and 10:00 Firestone rollers.

Vista, California, United States