Truck makes 16 lbs of boost and has 6 lbs crank pulley and the Eaton S/C was sent to   Steigemeier and had stage 5 port job, striped rotors and front end rebuilt. – Aftermarket upper intake single blade throttle body intake pipe and Johnny Lightning air   intake box. – Boost bypass EGR and PCV delete. Has Diablo Sport Mafia module for air flow meter. – MSD coils, NGK TR7 spark plugs. Chrome 200 amp alternator. Optima battery. – Cobra R aluminium water pump, electric fan, new radiator and 180 degree    thermotat.  Dual pass inner cooler with 6 inch electric fan.  New marine pump and   aluminium water tank.  All inner cooler hoses are blue silicone. – Has 100 mm idler pulleys and Predator custom tune. – New belts. New crank, cam and idler sensors. – Motor and tranny mounts are 1/8″ steel plates with polyurethane bushings.

Miami, Florida, United States