1989 Dodge 3500 Dually

360 Throttle Body Injected


I have never seen another truck like this one, it’s a blast to drive, and gets attention everywhere it goes. The truck came out of NC and has no rust. There was a phone number and company name on the side (removed) and I looked them up. It belonged to a company in Concord, NC, just down the road the Speedway that built race car frames. I have to imagine it was a shop truck because the bed was CLEARLY built by a pro. (7.5′ x 12′) It also has a 5th wheel mount but I have no idea how those even work, lol.

There is a working vise bolted to the bed. There is a large pipe wrench WELDED to the bed, that looks as if its about to fall off. Someone yells at me EVERY SINGLE DAY “Hey, you are about to loose a pipe wrench!” It’s also funny to watch my surveillance camera at work to watch how many people grab it as they walk past it on the sidewalk. What it really does is keep people from tailgating. There is an old skool fire extinguisher on the bed. It works, if by “works” you mean does it hold 8 beers and some ice.

When I got it, it ran great but the transmission was trash. I had a friend replace it with one from a crashed truck, and I have driven it over a year. It has NEVER shifted properly as far as I’m concerned, but it does shift and I drive it ALL THE TIME. I guess the best I can say is that it sometimes kicks down to 2nd before it needs to, or stays in low longer than it should, but I have learned to feather the throttle to the point I am used to it. I don’t know if the tranny is bad, or something needs adjusted, so I am pricing it so that even if you end up replacing it you will be okay. These transmission are simple, literally everywhere, and not costly to even have rebuilt by a pro if it comes to that. THIS IS WORST CASE SCENARIO.

It’s geared rather low but not insanely low. That’s probably half of why it shifts wonky. It does still run 60 – 65 down the road fairly comfy. I guess if you wanted her PERFECT, you would update the tranny, and gear her up a bit. For running around town yelling “WOO” to the ladies, it’s awesome.

It starts, idles, and runs great. It’s the first year of the throttle body injection, and it all seems to work properly. About a year ago, it got new plugs, wires, distributor, coil, etc. This summer, I was tired of fighting a coolant leak, so I bought a BRAND NEW aluminum radiator and had it installed. It also got a steering box and power steering pump this year, as both leaked. It doesn’t leak anything now, and I’m the kind of guy who always looks for a wet spot.

The front end was lowered simply by heating the springs. There is little to zero travel, so it rides like you might imagine up front. In the rear, some springs were removed to level it up. The spring set was HUGE so it still rides good in the back, but the front pretty much makes you forget about that. If your GF has big boobs, she will only ride in it once, I guarantee it. We once drove a lifted Cherokee up on the bed, measured, and it DID NOT even squat it, lol.

The front bumper speaks for itself. A buddy and I built it from scratch, using new metal, old re-bar, and legit equipment teeth. My friends have dubbed it “KillDozer.”

The entire truck is rattle canned. It could use a little love to be perfect, but to me it already is, lol. No rust, just some dents and scuffs. It has 2 huge toolboxes in the bed, also with no rust, which is generally the first thing to go. The seat is torn up on the driver side, but I never cared. I love the rat rod look and feel. It doesn’t have an air breather. I couldn’t find one I liked. It needs to be UNIQUEThe hood ornament is rare. I ordered it from a dude on Ebay that 3D prints them to order. It’s perfect. The light on top is from the 60’s or 70’s and WORKS. Rotates and light up by toggle switch. These suckers are expensive, but I had to have it. Speedo and temp gauges do not work. Fuel and oil do work. Probably simple. I never looked into it.The dome light works when you open the passenger door, but not the driver door. Probably also simple.Tail lights are out of an old car of some kind. They are badass and the center one is reverse.I noticed today the right tail light is out. No idea why. The 2 spotlight backup lights work. One or two of the cab lights sometimes go out. Sometimes they all work, lol. They are green. Don’t ask me why. It’s a 1989 Dodge. Enough said. The heat works but blows like an 89 Dodge, lol. It does defrost the glass.The wipers work. They are slow, but they work. Maybe that was how they were back then, I don’t know. Brand new exhaust back to the cab, and it sounds great. Both manual widows roll up and down. Wing windows and back sliding glass work.All plain metal floor, no carpet, no rust. Kits are cheap, but I dig the ugly floor.

Price: $6,900

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